Speed and efficiency is needed to keep your bar, pub, or club performing during busy periods. Syrve enables your staff to spend more time in front of customers and simplifies back office administration, improving service levels and removing profit-limiting bottlenecks.
Bars, Pubs And Clubs

  • Deliver a quick service with an intuitive POS, including support for floating clerks

  • Enable customers to open tabs and pay at the end of their visit

  • Take orders direct from the table using a tablet, smartphone, or POS device

  • Manage any service type: table service, counter service, and delivery service

Operate In A Way That Suits Your Venue

The last thing that customers want to see when they walk into your venue is long lines at the bar.
Syrve makes it easy to boost bartender efficiency by enabling several servers to work on a single terminal at once, or for servers to access an open order from any available terminal.
Bartenders can take an order, step away to make a drink, and leave the terminal free for the next order, to keep good customer flow.

1. Reduce Queues At The Bar

Thinking of branching out into events and celebrations?
Syrve makes it easy to reserve specific tables or areas of your bar or pub for large groups, office parties, wedding receptions, birthdays, and other special occasions.
Front of house staff can instantly check space availability on their POS device, enabling them to provide speedy responses to requests, make notes relating to the reservation, and share with staff.

2. Easily Accept Reservations & Bookings

With Syrve, you can make every customer feel like a ‘regular’.
Syrve’s ability to support bar and pub owners build loyalty schemes and rewards programmes means it’s easy to launch personalised promotions such as special deals, birthday offers, loyalty discounts, and more.
With a loyal customer base, you can keep your clientele coming back for more and encourage them to recommend you to their friends.

3. Build A Loyal Customer Base

Syrve helps bar and pub owners to make strategic, data-driven decisions for their business through accurate, insightful forecasting, making it easy to plan ahead for busy periods and major events.
Always find that customers are queuing three-deep at the bar on match day?
Syrve helps you prepare for this, visualise the future, and implement measures - such as scheduling more staff - to sidestep the challenges.

4. Plan Ahead For Major Events

Avoid running low on popular beers, wines, spirits, and more by using Syrve to maintain full visibility over your entire inventory.
No matter where you are, you can track your inventory at any time through your smartphone or tablet, and manage supplies remotely based on real, accurate stock data.
Syrve means that you no longer need to rely on guesswork or observation; all the information you need is at your fingertips.

5. Keep An Eye On Your Inventory

Even the most well-managed bar or pub can find that their costs can easily spiral out of control when they go unchecked.
Syrve automatically keeps track of all costs for you, calculating the cost of beverages, cost of labour, and every possible metric you need to monitor to help you achieve greater efficiency.
Armed with accurate insight into your costs, you can make smart, data-driven decisions for your venue.

6. Manage Your Costs Effectively

  • Keep track of rotas and schedule staff as necessary

  • Access all your payroll, salary and performance information in one place

  • Set targets and reward your hard workers with incentives

  • Instantly see how you can optimise scheduling to save money

Never Be Short Staffed Again

  • Track real-time performance and profit margins

  • Instantly monitor and compare sales, costs and performance levels across venues

  • Generate custom reports as needed

  • View reports anywhere, at any time, via the Web

Eradicate The Guesswork

Run Your Entire Operation With One Platform

Whether you’re looking to help your servers spend more time caring for customers, or you want to gain insight into where your money’s going, Syrve can help. Syrve brings together all aspects of running a hospitality business with multiple features of restaurant management systems into one comprehensive cloud platform.

Streamline your customer-facing activities to provide your guests with the very best experience. From taking orders more accurately to delivering dishes quicker, Syrve helps you run your front of house effectively and encourages customers to return.

Front of House

Your front of house can’t run smoothly if there are inefficiencies behind the scenes. Syrve helps you to optimise your back of house processes, from automating tasks to reducing friction with customer-facing staff to build solid foundations for success.

Back of House

Give your customers more flexibility to order from your bar or restaurant in a way that suits them. Perhaps they want to order and pay from their table, so there’s no need to pause the conversation.


Syrve helps you to gain deeper insights into your operation as a whole, offering a real-time birds-eye view of everything that’s going on. Armed with the right data and complete transparency, you can leverage the power of Syrve to make smart business decisions.

Above Store

Syrve features the tools and support businesses need to operate compliantly, and with confidence. From standardising policies to ensuring data is handled in accordance with local legislation, Syrve takes the worry out of running a successful, thriving business.

Head Office

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