Manage your kitchen in the most effective and efficient way. Syrve features all the digital tools and powerful functionality that your kitchen team needs to streamline food production, work seamlessly with front of house colleagues, and drive ultra-smooth, friction-free food production. All with the ultimate goal of reducing wastage and providing your customers with the very best experience.
Kitchen Management

With Syrve, you can empower your kitchen team to handle orders intelligently. Every single member can see clearly what needs to be prepped, made, and served.

  • Use Syrve to automatically create prep plans, saving your team valuable time

  • Make things easier by directing orders from all channels into a single pipeline

  • Keep production moving and enable your team to work without prompts

  • Easily identify who needs training, and empower them to do their best work

Empower Your Kitchen Team

Syrve makes it easy to track multiple stages of food production, and communicate those stages in real-time to front of house staff, to keep customers informed.

  • Reduce wait times and serve to customers faster and more accurately

  • Alert service staff instantly when an order is ready

  • Track every order, to ensure nothing gets lost during the process

  • If required, use an order status display board to keep customers updated

Create Top Guest Experiences

Syrve’s out-of-the-box reporting functionality helps you to better understand your kitchen operations, identify vulnerabilities, and adapt to drive improved results.

  • Track multiple stages of food production - to eliminate bottlenecks

  • Minimise costs by reducing wastage and optimising portion sizes

  • Monitor cooking priorities and times - and urgent statuses

  • Easily compare the performance of different kitchen shifts and venues

Gain Insights Into Your Kitchen

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