Unlock the power of real-time data and keep your fingers on the pulse on all aspects of your operation. Whether it's making smarter decisions about your labour, menus, inventory, food costs, standards or performance, Syrve gives you the increased visibility and birds-eye view you need to make the right changes, at the right time. Syrve helps optimise performance and takes your business in the right direction.
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When your staff are working well, your business is working well. With Syrve, you can access the precise data you need to manage your employees in the best way.

  • Keep track of rotas, salaries, attendance, target, and incentives

  • Simplify schedules and routine tasks

  • Manage everything in one place, from labour costs to staff satisfaction

  • Eliminate the need to spend hours figuring out schedules on paper

Effectively Manage Your Staff

Are your menus driving the highest possible sales and revenue? Are you making the most of what’s available? Syrve gives you confidence your menus are working for you.

  • Produce comprehensive and accurately costed menus

  • Reduce waste by gaining greater control over your recipes

  • Plan better with instant access to allergen, pricing, and supplier information

  • Digitise your menus to enhance the customer ordering experience

Manage And Optimise Your Menus

Your Syrve system holds valuable data about your business. Use it to your advantage. See where you’re excelling, identify room for improvement, and take critical action.

  • Access consistent, real-time information about your business operations

  • Set up alerts to stay informed - at all times - about performance

  • Use predictive analytics to turn historical trends into future predictions

  • Run deep analyses and ‘what if’ simulations to learn more about your stores

Gain Insights With Real-Time Reporting

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