Boost the efficiency of your coffee shop — and enhance the customer experience — with Syrve. Whether you’re a small local business or a nationwide chain, our coffee shop POS provides an all-in-one platform for managing your day-to-day operations.
Coffee Shops

  • Take orders and accept payments in ways that suit your customers

  • Reduce errors and ensure every customer receives exactly what they want

  • Handle complex modifiers with ease and confidence

  • Streamline business processes to drive improved outcomes

Operate With Ease

Syrve offers a built-in solution to new customer acquisition.
With Syrve, coffee shops can take advantage of a unique opportunity to begin building relationships before customers are even through the door.
With the ability to publish your menu online — and build a digital presence quickly and affordably — customers can browse items from home, check out daily specials, and even place an order through the web.

1. Extend Your Reach

In coffee shops, modifiers aren’t an anomaly; they’re a part of the day to day environment.
Syrve is specially designed to support modifiers, enabling staff to select customers preferred drink size, milk option, sweetness, toppings, and customise their order to their liking.
The Syrve POS makes it easy for coffee shop staff to manage modifiers with ease, ensuring customers receive exactly what they ordered.

2. Improve Order Accuracy

With Syrve’s built-in upsell and cross sell prompts, your staff will instantly be alerted to opportunities to enhance the value of a sale.
Whether it’s suggesting a larger size drink, or recommending an accompanying food item, missed opportunities become a thing of the past.
With Syrve, it’s easier to maximise customer spending, increasing sales and revenue so you can drive more budget into growth and development.

3. Drive More Sales

Make use of offers, loyalty programmes, and reward schemes to keep your customers coming back for more.
Syrve supports multiple different initiatives, ranging from discounts and free gifts to birthday offers and combo savings.
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, coffee shops can use Syrve to build strong, lasting customer relationships, encouraging return custom and maintaining a positive reputation.

4. Encourage Return Custom

Reduce wasted costs and ensure a positive employee experience by accurately predicting peak and off peak periods and scheduling staff as needed.
Syrve’s built-in reporting features makes it easy to see when staff are most needed — and when they’re not — to help you build optimised schedules.
Syrve removes the need for manual scheduling, leaving you with more time to focus on your core business.

5. Optimise Staff Schedules

Syrve uses AI-powered forecasting to help you order stock with greater accuracy, and greater confidence.
Using real historical data and real time demand, Syrve reduces the risk of over-stocking which can result in waste, and minimises the chance of running out of ingredients to maintain customer satisfaction.
Syrve takes the guesswork out of ordering, helping you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

6. Reduce Waste

  • Make it easy for customers to pay at counter, from the table, or online

  • Speed up transaction times and limit queues to reduce customer wait times

  • Support customer decision making with instant access to allergen information

  • Enhance the customer experience with upsell options and loyalty schemes

Enhance The Customer Experience

  • Peace of mind that our team is here to help, with ongoing support

  • Access to detailed analytics and reporting to help you make great decisions

  • No need for multiple apps; just one interface for all your needs

  • Intuitive tech that’s easy for your staff to learn and use

Why Choose Syrve?

Run Your Entire Operation With One Platform

Whether you’re looking to help your servers spend more time caring for customers, or you want to gain insight into where your money’s going, Syrve can help. Syrve brings together all aspects of running a hospitality business with multiple features of restaurant management systems into one comprehensive cloud platform.

Streamline your customer-facing activities to provide your guests with the very best experience. From taking orders more accurately to delivering dishes quicker, Syrve helps you run your front of house effectively and encourages customers to return.

Front of House

Your front of house can’t run smoothly if there are inefficiencies behind the scenes. Syrve helps you to optimise your back of house processes, from automating tasks to reducing friction with customer-facing staff to build solid foundations for success.

Back of House

Give your customers more flexibility to order from your bar or restaurant in a way that suits them. Perhaps they want to order and pay from their table, so there’s no need to pause the conversation.


Syrve helps you to gain deeper insights into your operation as a whole, offering a real-time birds-eye view of everything that’s going on. Armed with the right data and complete transparency, you can leverage the power of Syrve to make smart business decisions.

Above Store

Syrve features the tools and support businesses need to operate compliantly, and with confidence. From standardising policies to ensuring data is handled in accordance with local legislation, Syrve takes the worry out of running a successful, thriving business.

Head Office

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