Great menus balance cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. If you’re struggling to find that balance, Syrve can help. Syrve helps you to design, cost, manage, optimise, and share fantastic recipes, with a range of tools that make menu management easier than ever before. Your menu is at the heart of your operation. Syrve enables you to give it the attention it really deserves, and helps your business succeed.
Menu Management

There’s a lot that goes into good recipe management, and it can often feel overwhelming. With Syrve, you have everything you need to manage recipes easily.

  • Keep all your recipe data in one place, where your staff can find it quickly

  • Store all information, including signature dishes, batches, semi-finished products and more

  • Support for recipe variations across different stores and regions

  • You set the rules; Syrve updates your recipes, items and costs automatically

Simple Recipe Management

Pricing a menu can be complex. It’s important that you’re driving healthy margins, yet still offering value for money for your customers. Syrve's powerful insights and controls can help.

  • Understand the cost of every dish and fine tune pricing to reflect these costs

  • Easily adapt pricing throughout the day based on time-sensitive offers

  • Roll out different pricing for different stores or customer types with ease

  • Schedule price changes and prepare in advance for special events

Optimise Menu Pricing

What turns good menus into great menus? Fine tuning, based on real business data and AI-powered forecasting. Syrve helps you tweak your menus for best outcomes.

  • Track waste and cost to optimise your business profits

  • Gain menu agility and adapt offerings as needed to retain balance

  • Identify top earners through ABC/XYZ analysis

  • Axe or adjust menu items as needed to drive optimal results

Fine Tune Your Menus

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