MYHORECA founded by founders who has over 8 years’ experience in restaurant and catering business automation. Each engineer has over 6 years + with Syrve POS integration and support experience globally.

Launching the MYHORECA in 2019, we planned to become one of the best in the field of restaurant automation in the shortest possible time. To date, our customers include more than 1000+ restaurants, and these are not only single enterprises, but also market leaders, serious restaurant chains.

  • Make restaurant automation simple and affordable.
  • Manage your business and finances from anywhere in the world from any device.
  • Quickly build and analyze reports of any degree of complexity.
  • Reduce costs and increase sales.
  • Combine restaurant data with the Syrve ERP system to access them at a convenient time for you.
  • Run turnkey all restaurant business processes related to guests, staff and supervisory authorities.

We make restaurants better by providing solutions tested together with partners. Which allows:

Cooperation with MYHORECA means responsive technical support 24/7 and understanding of your ideas at all stages of interaction. We exist to help F&B businesses thrive and scale through cutting-edge automation and actionable insights.

Now we have plans to conquer the world. Are you with us?

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