You depend on your accounting software to keep track of your financial records with periodic reports. Now, Syrve is here to help you manage your entire cost base and operation in real-time. Syrve provides you with complete visibility and control over all the tiny details that reveal the true picture of expenditure.
Cost Control

Do you know exactly where every penny goes? Do you know the impact of changes to labour, recipes or suppliers on your finances? Syrve lets you dig down and see what’s happening.

  • Auto calculate outgoings across payroll, purchasing, and more

  • Act quickly based on real-time identification of cost leakages

  • Easily see how recipes and wastage impact your profit & loss figures

  • Instantly spot discrepancies and oddities that warrant a closer look

Know Where Your Money’s Going

Syrve makes it easy to take a step back and view your entire financial situation as a whole, helping you gain deeper insight and see how you could save money.

  • Drill down into your profit and loss data at a granular level

  • Easily make changes and see the impact on your Profit & Loss immediately

  • Understand more about the individual aspects of your cost base: labour, food waste, operations costs etc.

  • Identify anomalies that could be bubbling under the surface

View An Overall Picture Of Your Cost Base

Improving your Profit and Loss status means either growing your profits or minimising your losses. Syrve's built-in reporting and active alerts allow you to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Use Syrve's Purchase Manager to conduct a full purchase analysis

  • Easily see which suppliers are performing, delivering accurately and on time

  • Automatically track hundreds of key indicators in real-time

  • Make smart, data-driven decisions to protect your profits and reduce loss

Adapt As Needed

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