‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Those areas of your business that your customers can’t see… the things going on behind the scenes.. are you giving them the attention they deserve? While your customers may not be able to see what your back of house is up to, they can still get a feel for when everything’s working optimally. When things run well behind the scenes, they run well in your customer-facing areas, too.
Back Of House

Do you know exactly where every penny goes? Do you know the impact of changes to labour, recipes or suppliers on your finances? Syrve lets you dig down and see what’s happening.

  • Auto calculate outgoings across payroll, purchasing, and more

  • Act quickly based on real-time identification of cost leakages

  • Easily see how recipes and wastage impact your profit & loss figures

  • Instantly spot discrepancies and oddities that warrant a closer look

Manage All Back Of House Operations Through A Single Platform

Your back of house team has better things to be doing than counting, solving problems, and completing paperwork. Free them up for more meaningful tasks.

  • Automate your back of house processes - prep plans, purchasing, reports, and more

  • Give your staff the tools they need to work efficiently

  • Reduce friction between front of house and back of house

  • Allow your staff to focus on what they do best

Free Up Your Back Of House Team

Interested in seeing how your back of house teams are performing, rather than just guessing or assuming? Syrve's out-of-the-box reports tell you all you need to know.

  • Gain real-time insights into back of house activities and operations

  • Make decisions based on real, authentic business data

  • Build reports to track inventory, kitchen prep, scheduling, and more

  • Integrate with business intelligence platforms for customised insights

Keep Track Of Your Back Of House

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